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Any one know about the latest railway group d exam pattern?


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Railway Group D Exam Pattern 2018 

Railway Recruitment Board is recruiting for the various posts of group d in the year 2018.The exam date is not announced yet but it will be tentatively held in the month of April/May.We are providing the detailed Railway Group D Syllabus and Exam Pattern which is also available in Hindi. Check it out below and start your preparation in advance for the group d examination.

Railway Group D Exam Pattern 2018-19: Railway Group D exams are one of the easiest level exams of the Railway Recruitment Department. But to crack any particular exam, whatever its level is, one thing that takes priority is the exam pattern. Yes reader’s, you heard it right. Familiarity with Railway Group D Exam Pattern is the backbone of Railway Group D competitive exam, without this, you can not step up even a single step. Thus to make you familiar with the exact Railway Group D Written Exam Pattern we have come up with this post.





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RRB Group D Syllabus and Exam Pattern 2018:

The section-wise RRB Group D syllabus is given below. Along with the syllabus, we have listed weightage for each topic based on previous year exam pattern.

RRB Group D Syllabus 2018 :Arithmetic Ability / Mathematics

Topics Weightage Sub-Topics
Percentages 2-3 Questions Topics Asked – Calculation-oriented basic percentage.
Simplification 7-10 Questions Approx Value, Percentage, Fractions, BODMAS Decimals and Surds and Indices
Data Interpretation 4-5 Questions Pie Chart, Line Graph, Tabular Graph
Number System 2-3 Questions LCM and HCF, Divisibility and Remainder, Integers and Rational and Irrational numbers
Algebra 3-4 Questions Quadratic Equation, Polynomials, Unit digit, Linear inequalities and Functions, Identities, Linear Equation in 1 Variable, Linear Equation in 2 Variable,
Averages 1-2 Questions Average Money Expenditure, Average Temperature, Average Weight/Height/Age/Marks,
Ratio and Proportion 1-2 Questions Fourth Proportional, Third Proportional, Age, Mean Proportional, Simple Ratios, Compound Ratios, Direct or Indirect Proportion, Componendo or Dividendo,
Mixture Problems 1-2 Questions Problems on making a mixture of two or more entities/mixtures.
Time and Work 1-2 Questions Work and Wages, Pipes and Cistern
Mensuration 2-3 Questions Cylinder, Cube, Cuboid, Sphere, Right Prism, Tetrahedron, Pyramid.
Speed Time and Distance 2-3 Questions  Average Speed, Boat and River, Problem on Trains, Partial Speed, Relative Speed,
Interest 1-2 Questions Combined problems on SI & CI, Simple Interest, Compound Interest,
Profit and Loss 2-3 Questions Successive Selling, Partnership,
Number Series 1-2 Questions Problems on Completing the Series, Finding the Missing Term, Finding the Wrong Term.
Geometry 1-2 Questions Basic Questions on different types of Quadrilaterals.  and Co-ordinate Geometry. Basic problems on Triangles, Congruence & Similarity. Theorems on Segments, Tangents & Chords.
Trigonometry 0-1 Questions Max and Min value, Circular Measure of Angles, Identities, Functions, Heights and Distances,
Probability 0-1 Questions basic problems on probability.

Railway Group D Syllabus – General Intelligence & Reasoning :

Topics Weightage Sub Topics
Analogy 2-3 QUestions Image Based and based on members of a group
Series 3-5 Questions Alphabetic Series, Number Series, Mixed Series, General Knowledge Series.


Decoding and Coding

Coding and Decoding 1-3 Questions Coding letter of a word, Operation based on place value, Coding by analogy. Coding and decoding by letter shifting, Coding and decoding in fictitious language
Puzzles  4-5 Questions Seating Arrangement (Circular Arrangement, Linear Arrangement), Scheduling, Double Line up, Clock Calendar.
Direction & Distance 0-1 Questions Route & network based problems.
Blood Relation 1 Questions  General blood relation problems, Family tree problems, Coded blood relation problems.
Alphabet & Word Test 0-1 Questions Unjumble words), Matrix, Word formation (New word formed, Word cannot be formed)New word by adding prefix, New word by adding Suffix, Jumble words (Find odd one,
Venn Diagram 2-3 Questions Logical Venn Diagram, Venn diagram problem, Syllogism.
Missing Number 1-2 Questions Matrix & diagram related problems.
Non-Verbal Reasoning 1-2 Questions Mirror Image, Hidden Image, Completion of Incomplete Pattern, Cubes and Dice (Construction of Boxes, Problems on Dice), Paper Folding and Cutting, Missing Term, Counting Figures.
Verbal Reasoning 1-2 Questions Assertion and Reason, Course of Action, Statements and Arguments
Classification 1-2 Questions General knowledge-based, Image Based, Number based, Letter based, Letter and number based, Meaning based,

 RRB Group D Syllabus – General Awareness & Current Affairs :

Topics Weightage Sub Topics
Current Affairs 5-6 Questions National Affairs, People in News, Places in News, Defense news, Days and Events, Government Policies and Schemes, Business and Economy, Books and Authors etc.
Geography 5-9 Questions National Park & Centuries, Wildlife Centuries etc coming under Indian Geography
History 2-3 Questions Indian Freedom Struggle, Ancient History, Medieval History, Post Independence
Polity 3 Questions Constitution of India, Government Portfolios etc.
Economics 2-3 Questions Indian Economy, Economic Organizations, World Economy, Business, Economic Theory.
Miscellaneous Topics 6-8 Questions Books and Authors, Committees and Recommendation, Sports, Environment, Banking Awareness, Science & Technology, Art and Culture, Awards and Honors, Places in News, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Envireonment
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