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What is ASP


Write short note on ASP.



Components can be helpful for us but if we know how to use them. Some details will differ from component to component. Just about any ASP problem we can think of has a component solution, so it is well worth learning to use them. There is something that web programmers need to do. When a task becomes common like this, someone will write a component to handle it. Some components are available on the web for free, and some are for sale. We need to understand two things before we begin using components: how to create instances of them and what to do when we are finished with them. That we have covered in the previous unit 13.

Instantiating components:

Instantiate components use set and createObject method of the server object. Just as before, the first step is to declare the variable that will hold the instance of the component. We usually begin the variable name with “obj”, just so that we can remember what it is. Instantiating a component look like this:

Dim objWhatever

Set objWhatever = server. createObject(“classname.ComponentName”)

Generally, the variable should be declared at the beginning, but the object should be instantiated no sooner than it has to be.

Developing with Microsoft’s ASP components

Three components are probably already installed on our system. Microsoft includes the AD Rotator, Content Linker and Browser capabilities components with personal web server and IIS. These three are pretty easy and can be very handy.

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