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मोबाइल एम्बुलेंस क्या है


मोबाइल एम्बुलेंस  क्या है? इसके बारे में विशेष जानकारी दे



एक ऐसा  मोबाइल एप जिसके तहत राष्ट्रीय 102 एंबुलेंस सेवा की निगरानी की जाती है 

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Hero MotoCorp has announced that it will donate 60 first-responder mobile ambulances to governement authorities across India to help them to fight the coronavirus crisis.

The two-wheeler manufacturer also claimed in a release that these mobile ambulances will be useful for reaching out to patients in rural and remote areas and comfortably moving them to the nearest hospitals. These will be custom built motorcycles with engine capacity of 150cc or above.

As Hero MotoCorp claims, these ambulances will come with accessories including sleeping arrangement with essential medical equipment like first-aid kit, oxygen cylinder, fire extinguisher and siren.

  1. These ambulances have been custom-built to fit on Hero MotoCorp motorcycles. They have an oxygen cylinder and fire extinguisher
  2. The engine capacity of the first-responder ambulance is 150cc.
  3. The ambulance includes sleeping arrangement with essential medical equipment.
  4. There are numerous additional accessories attached to the bike for emergencies.
  5. There is a siren attached to the ambulance as well.
  6. A first-aid kit and tool box is also placed in the mobile ambulance.
  7. There’s a wireless system for authorities to communicate with emergency services.
  8. A headlamp is fitted on the ambulance, in case a patient needs first aid on a dimly-lit street.

Reference by - Hero MotoCrop

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