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What are the most common file types and file extensions

There are many type of file extensions and file types used with computers, and you can find a complete list of all of them on our computer files and file extensions page. However, it would be impossible for most people to memorize all file extensions and their associated programs. Below is a list of the most common file extensions.

We Listed categories by type of files.

1. Audio file formats by file extensions

There are dozens of different audio file formats, standards, and file extensions used today. Below is a list of the most common audio file extensions.

  1.     .aif - AIF audio file
  2.     .cda - CD audio track file
  3.     .mid or .midi - MIDI audio file.
  4.     .mp3 - MP3 audio file
  5.     .mpa - MPEG-2 audio file
  6.     .ogg - Ogg Vorbis audio file
  7.     .wav - WAV file
  8.     .wma - WMA audio file
  9.     .wpl - Windows Media Player playlist


2. compressed filesCompressed file extensions

Most computer users are familiar with the .zip compressed files, but there are other types of compressed files. Below is a list of the most common compressed file extensions.

  1.     .7z - 7-Zip compressed file
  2.     .arj - ARJ compressed file
  3.     .deb - Debian software package file
  4.     .pkg - Package file
  5.     .rar - RAR file
  6.     .rpm - Red Hat Package Manager
  7.     .tar.gz - Tarball compressed file
  8.     .z - Z compressed file
  9.     .zip - Zip compressed file


3. Disc and media file extensions

When making an image of a disc or other media, all of the contained files are saved to an image file. Below are the most common disc image file extensions.   

  1.     .bin - Binary disc image
  2.     .dmg - macOS X disk image
  3.     .iso - ISO disc image
  4.     .toast - Toast disc image
  5.     .vcd - Virtual CD   

4. Data and database file extensions

A data file could be any file, but for the purpose of this list, we've listed the most common data files that relate to data used for a database, errors, information, importing, and exporting.

  1.     .csv - Comma separated value file
  2.     .dat - Data file
  3.     .db or .dbf - Database file
  4.     .log - Log file
  5.     .mdb - Microsoft Access database file
  6.     .sav - Save file (e.g. game save file)
  7.     .sql - SQL database file
  8.     .tar - Linux / Unix tarball file archive
  9.     .xml - XML file   

5. Executable file extensions

java archiveThe most common executable file are files ending with the .exe file extension. However, other files can also be run by themselves or with the aid of an interpreter.

  1.     .apk - Android package file
  2.     .bat - Batch file
  3.     .bin - Binary file
  4.     .cgi or .pl - Perl script file
  5.     .com - MS-DOS command file
  6.     .exe - Executable file
  7.     .gadget - Windows gadget
  8.     .jar - Java Archive file
  9.     .py - Python file
  10.     .wsf - Windows Script File

   6. Font file extensions

    Below are the most common file extensions used with fonts.

  1.     .fnt - Windows font file
  2.     .fon - Generic font file
  3.     .otf - Open type font file
  4.     .ttf - TrueType font file

   7. JPEG example.Image file formats by file extension

   There are dozens of different image types and image file extensions that can be used when creating and saving images on the computer. Below is a list of the most common image file extensions.

  1.     .ai - Adobe Illustrator file
  2.     .bmp - Bitmap image
  3.     .gif - GIF image
  4.     .ico - Icon file
  5.     .jpeg or .jpg - JPEG image
  6.     .png - PNG image
  7.     .ps - PostScript file
  8.     .psd - PSD image
  9.     .svg - Scalable Vector Graphics file
  10.     .tif or .tiff - TIFF image

   8. Internet related file extensions

The Internet is the most used resource on the computer and because web servers are using computers to serve the files, there are dozens of different file extensions that are used. Below are a list of the most common file extensions you will encounter while browsing the web.

Note: Image file extensions, video file extensions, and other extensions listed on this page could also be included with these file extensions mentioned below.

  1.     .asp and .aspx - Active Server Page file
  2.     .cer - Internet security certificate
  3.     .cfm - ColdFusion Markup file
  4.     .cgi or .pl - Perl script file
  5.     .css - Cascading Style Sheet file
  6.     .htm and .html - HTML file
  7.     .js - JavaScript file
  8.     .jsp - Java Server Page file
  9.     .part - Partially downloaded file
  10.     .php - PHP file
  11.     .py - Python file
  12.     .rss - RSS file
  13.     .xhtml - XHTML file   

9. Presentation file formats by file extension

Today, there are a few programs that can create a presentation. Below is a list of the most common file extensions associated with presentation programs.

  1.     .key - Keynote presentation
  2.     .odp - OpenOffice Impress presentation file
  3.     .pps - PowerPoint slide show
  4.     .ppt - PowerPoint presentation
  5.     .pptx - PowerPoint Open XML presentation   

10. Programming files by file extensions

Many file extensions are used for programs before they are compiled, as well as programming scripts. Below is a list of the most common file extensions associated with programming.

 Note: Many of the Internet related file extensions could also be included with these file extensions mentioned below.

  1.     .c - C and C++ source code file
  2.     .class - Java class file
  3.     .cpp - C++ source code file
  4.     .cs - Visual C# source code file
  5.     .h - C, C++, and Objective-C header file
  6.     .java - Java Source code file
  7.     .sh - Bash shell script
  8.     .swift - Swift source code file
  9.     .vb - Visual Basic file   

11. Spreadsheet file formats by file extension

Below are the most common file extensions that are used to save spreadsheet files to a computer.

  1.     .ods - OpenOffice Calc spreadsheet file
  2.     .xlr - Microsoft Works spreadsheet file
  3.     .xls - Microsoft Excel file
  4.     .xlsx - Microsoft Excel Open XML spreadsheet file

12. System related file formats and file extensions

DLLLike all other programs, your operating system uses files and has file extensions that are more common than others. Below is a list of the most common file extensions used on operating systems.

Note: The executable file extensions and all other files could also be included in this list.

  1.     .bak - Backup file
  2.     .cab - Windows Cabinet file
  3.     .cfg - Configuration file
  4.     .cpl - Windows Control panel file
  5.     .cur - Windows cursor file
  6.     .dll - DLL file
  7.     .dmp - Dump file
  8.     .drv - Device driver file
  9.     .icns - macOS X icon resource file
  10.     .ico - Icon file
  11.     .ini - Initialization file
  12.     .lnk - Windows shortcut file
  13.     .msi - Windows installer package
  14.     .sys - Windows system file
  15.     .tmp - Temporary file

13. Video file formats by file extension

FlashToday, there are dozens of file types associated with video files to add different types of compression, compatibility, and DRM to video files. Below is a list of the most commonly found video file extensions.

  1.     .3g2 - 3GPP2 multimedia file
  2.     .3gp - 3GPP multimedia file
  3.     .avi - AVI file
  4.     .flv - Adobe Flash file
  5.     .h264 - H.264 video file
  6.     .m4v - Apple MP4 video file
  7.     .mkv - Matroska Multimedia Container
  8.     .mov - Apple QuickTime movie file
  9.     .mp4 - MPEG4 video file
  10.     .mpg or .mpeg - MPEG video file
  11.     .rm - RealMedia file
  12.     .swf - Shockwave flash file
  13.     .vob - DVD Video Object
  14.     .wmv - Windows Media Video file   

14. Word processor and text file formats by file extension

Creating text files and using a word processor is one of the most common tasks on a computer. Below is the most common file extensions used with text files and documents.

  1.     .doc and .docx - Microsoft Word file
  2.     .odt - OpenOffice Writer document file
  3.     .pdf - PDF file
  4.     .rtf - Real Text File
  5.     .tex - A LaTeX document file
  6.     .txt - Plain text file
  7.     .wks and .wps- Microsoft Works file
  8.     .wpd - WordPerfect document
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