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How do I Speak to Someone at Microsoft?

Microsoft is a tool that operates many things on your computer or laptop. If you are facing any problems with your Microsoft account, you can speak with someone at Microsoft and get a solution as quickly as possible. To speak with someone at Microsoft, you must try different communication methods. You will get it through the communication method if you are looking for someone. 


Use Different Ways to Speak to Someone at Microsoft. 

  • Dial the Helpline Number for Quick Response. 

When the user wants to Speak to Someone at Microsoft, they can dial the official number of Microsoft. To get the contact number of Microsoft, use the given instructions. The phone is the best way to connect with the representative. Follow the instructions to get the contact number: 

  1. Launch Microsoft on your computer. 

  2. Tap on the MS support option. 

  3. Click on the contact option. 

  4. Choose the contact number according to the region. 

  5. Give a ring on the official phone number. 

  6. Follow the IVR command carefully. 

  7. Press the key according to your query. 

  8. Now, you can speak with the live person on the call and get a quick response.


  • Chat with Microsoft live person

To get in touch with the Microsoft live person. You will get access to the chat option only on the website. To connect with the live person, you must follow the given instructions, here are: 

  1. Launch Microsoft on your computer. 

  2. Go to the MS support option. 

  3. Choose the contact option. 

  4. Now, click on the chat option. 

  5. Get in touch with the representative and ask the information about your issue. 


    Source : https://bit.ly/3WAtvd3

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