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How do I request a callback from Qantas


At times, the call and chat hold time extends for the busy lines on call. If your problems remain unsolved, you can request a callback from the team to help you with the raised issue. Several modes are available through which you can request a callback from the team. Read the content given below to know how you can call back the team. 


Request a callback through the callback form.


In order to place a request through the callback form, you can follow the given procedure as follows: 


  • Surf through the webpage of Qantas airlines. 

  • Navigate to the contact page from the homepage of the airline. 

  • Then, scroll down to available contact options, and find the forms section. 

  • Tap on it, and from the drop-down, choose the callback option. 

  • Fill out the form and provide the required details so that the team can connect with you to help you solve your queries. 


Request a callback through email. 


In case you wish to receive a callback from Qantas' customer service, then you can do so through the email process. In order to mail them, you will have to draft an email explaining your query and then get to send it to the official email address of the team. Do not forget to add your contact details at which the airlines contact you. 


Request a callback through the call process. 


You can also place a request with the customer service team through their call process. In order to get through the request process on call, you can go through the following steps described in detail. The steps are as follows: 


  • Surf through the airline's web page and navigate to the contact page. 

  • From the available contact options, choose the call option. 

  • Then, give a call at the number available and go through the IVR process well and then connect with the team. 

  • On longer hold times, you can choose to wait for further IVR. The IVR is as follows: 

    • Press 8 to wait for more. 

    • Press 9 to disconnect the call. 

    • Press 0 to place a callback request. 

  • Enter as per your requirement and then connect with the team. 


Bottom Line- In case if you still have issues and you are not getting a solution through any process, or you have doubts about how do I request a callback from Qantas, then you can go through the web page of the airline and try to find a solution with the team. 




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