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How long is JetBlue hold time?

How long is JetBlue's hold time?


If you cannot decide between two flights, then as per the flight hold policy of Jetblue, you can hold the fare of both flights for twenty-four hours. Once you have done that, you’ll be able to keep the food, and in the next twenty-four hours, you’ll be able to decide between these two flights. However, it is necessary to ensure that you have read the policies of the fare hold. 


Flight hold policy of Jetblue:


Make the flight hold properly, and get the best out of this policy. You must fulfil all the conditions which are mentioned below. 


  • You can make the flight hold for twenty-four hours. 

  • For twenty-four hours, the flight cost will not increase. 

  • You can hold two or more flights. 

  • To make the flight hold. Ensure that you have made a partial payment of the flight fare. 

  • If you have not made the booking or the cancellation of the held flight within twenty-four hours, then the flight hold fee will not be refundable. 

  • However, to make the flight hold refundable, you must ensure that you have canceled within twenty-four hours if you want to avoid booking the flight you carried. Or you need to make sure that you made the booking of the flight within twenty-four hours. 


These are the conditions you must satisfy to ensure that you have used the facility of the flight hold without getting charged for it. 


Steps to hold flight:


It would help if you went along the step-by-step guide below. Then you’ll be able to hold the flight. It will help if you also made sure that you have followed these steps on the official website. 


  • You need to open Jetblue's website.

  • Click the “Booking.” 

  • Enter the travel information like the destination, dates, number of passengers, etc. 

  • Now make the selection of the search button. 

  • You’ll come across a list of flights.

  • Make your selection, and below making the final payment, you’ll come across the option of “Flight hold.” 

  • That is it. Now you only need to make the part payment, and you’ll be able to hold the flight. 


Connect with the customer service team

You can easily connect with customer service to know more about the JetBlue hold time. Then your issue is going to be fixed without any delay.


Via call:


  • Phone up on the official number. 

  • Now choose the option of “Flight hold” in the IVR menu. 

  • Your call is going to be connected to a representative. 


That is it. Now, your issue is going to be fixed without any delay.


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