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How do I contact Pegasus in Turkey?

Making bookings using Turkish miles or offers will always help you save your precious money, and you will receive complete facilities. But what to do if you do not have the information about the miles or offers? Then you can connect with the representative of Turkish airlines. These representatives have detailed information about the miles and will help you with official information. You can read below if you are in Turkey and want to connect with Turkish airlines. 


Multiple modes to connect with Pegasus airlines are below. 


Via call: To communicate with the representative quickly, go with the call option; you have to make a call on the pegasus airlines phone number and then choose the comfortable language and follow the IVR 


Press 1 to make the bookings. 

Press 2 to cancel the flight and apply for the refund 

Press 3 for queries related to miles or offers

Press 4 for queries related to lost baggage 

Press 5 if you want to know about pet policies 

Press 6 to connect with the representative 


Choose the option which suits your query and then connect. 



By reading the above, you can solve your query How do I contact Pegasus in Turkey? Still, if you get any issues, you can send your query through email and connect with them anytime. 

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