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How do I talk to a Live Person at Office 365 ?

In order to sell all the telephone number in your organization list:

  • First go the Microsoft Team's Admin Center.

  • Then in the left navigation bar, go to the Voice > Phone Numbers.

  • To sell all the telephone number that are assigned phone number for you, Click on Assignment Status column, which is also showing you what type of service number is assigned for you.

  • To filter view, click on the filter icon on Filter Pane, then you see a drop-down list to your filter your view by:

  • Here you can Set Number Range. Where you can search by the lowest number or the highest number.

  • And, numbers that start with the number you specify.

  • Number Activation State.

  • Number type.

  • Phone number status.

Further, to sell all the telephone number that are assigned to Microsoft Office 365?

When you are setting up user in your Office 365 account. Here are the few steps you need to follow them. So, you will easily find the ways to get it fix:

  • Firstly, you need to open the Internet browser on your computer, Phone, or Tablet.

  • Then search on the top Address Bar and type Microsoft Office. Try to log in to your account.

  • Click on your profile icon, which you will find top right corner on your account manager.

  • Select the contact info Tab, which in on the left-hand sidebar menu.

  • So, you can choose the phone number which you need to change or remove, then click on remove.

  • There is No other way to get a number, change the number or add the number.

  • You have to select add the new phone number option.

  • So, this is how you will find the way to set up a new phone number into your Microsoft Office 365 Account.

  • And, the final step is your will a verification code on your phone number via text or call. You need to enter the code in the verification field. Get your account verified.

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