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Is Cebu Pacific customer service 24 hours


Suppose you have to cancel your ticket and are worried about the process, or you have to reschedule your flight, or you are concerned about seat upgradation in Cebu Pacific, etc. If you encounter such problems with Cebu Pacific, you want a solution; then you are at the right place. Cebu Pacific airlines originated from the Philippines, are known for its customer service and satisfaction despite being an ultra-low-cost airline.


Methods to contact Cebu Pacific:


You can connect to Cebu Pacific through several methods. You can connect to them via  cebu pacific hotline, live chat, email, and various means. You can choose any of the methods listed below:


Live chat: Live chat, as everyone knows, is one of the best options to connect to any airline, including Cebu Pacific. Passengers usually prefer this contact method to convey their problems and feelings about Cebu Pacific. It would help you if you follow these simple steps to get connected with them:


  • Visit the official website of Cebu Pacific, which is www.cebupacificair.com

  • After the home page opens, look for the ‘Help’ section in the top right corner of the page.

  • Click on the help section, and you will find an option for live chat.

  • Click on the live chat, and a chat box will be opened.

  • Wait a little while, and a customer service agent will contact you.

  • Tell him the whole scenario of what you have faced with Cebu Pacific.

  • The agent will solve your problem.


Via call: You can also opt to call to connect with Cebu Pacific. The waiting time is around 5 mins, which makes this a less time-consuming and more convenient process because you can talk about your problems to a live person and describe it wholly. Go through these steps to get there:


  • Go to the official website of Cebu Pacific. 

  • Then pass on to the ‘help’ section.

  • After the help page of Cebu Pacific opens, look for their call option.

  • You will get the number and dial it. 

  • Listen to the IVR carefully.

  • Press ‘1’ for the Booking o[ptions.

  • For flight information, press ‘2.’

  • To cancel a ticket, you have to press ‘3.’

  • Press ‘7’ To talk to a live customer service agent.

  • You can either choose to speak to the agent or the specific query to proceed further.

  • Talk to the agent and convey your message to him; he will make sure to solve your problem.


Email them: Email your problems and feedback to Cebu Pacific’s official email address if the above two options did not work for you. They are also very responsive over email. You may get a call back from them if needed after the email, or you will receive an Email from Cebu Pacific in 2 business days. Follow what they have told you to do over the email, and they will solve your issue.


Social Media: Social media is an excellent option if you want to contact Cebu Pacific. They are very active on their social media handles, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. if you tell your problems on social media, Cebu Pacific will surely listen to you. Follow Cebu Pacific on social media.


You can also use feedback forms, except the cebu pacific hotline or live chat. You will not be dissatisfied with Cebu Pacific's customer service. To know more, you can visit their official website.




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