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How Do I Cancel My Norton Subscription and Get a Refund?

Norton is a malware protection software; you might have to purchase their subscription to get the service from it. And the ways to conduct cancellation and refund processes are stated here, and you can easily submit your request.

Know about the Norton cancellation and refund policy

While canceling the Norton subscription and submitting the refund request, you might have to follow the terms and conditions stated under its policy. And the Norton Cancellation and refund policies are as follows:-

  • Norton provides a 60 days grace period by which you can cancel your subscription plan and receive your full amount.

  • After the expiration of 60 days time period, if your software is not performing as required, you can also cancel your subscription plan and apply for a refund. 

  • Norton will pay the refund in the same manner as it was used at the time of purchase.

Process to cancel Norton subscription and appeal for a refund 

After going through its policy, if you are qualified to cancel your subscription and submit a refund request has been cited below:-

Step to cancel Norton subscription

  • Open Norton's official website and log into your account.

  • Then click on the contact us option.

  • After this, select a topic and then provide a review.

  • Now, choose an option and ask to cancel your subscription.

Step to get a refund

When you complete the cancellation procedure, use these steps to get a refund.

  • Get to the official website and login 

  • Click on the contact us option.

  • Now, click on the live chat option.

  • Further, submit your refund request.

Thus, when you read here, you can get an answer: How Do I Cancel My Norton Subscription and Get a Refund? And when you have an issue after this, speak with customer service and get answers.

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