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How Do I Communicate with Norton?

Norton Life Lock is software that provides computer safety to people and makes their work or personal computer space safe and secure. The software has the best protection for your PC and laptop, they also give you a free trial and subscription to avail the services for a reasonable amount. But if you wish to communicate with Norton for any query or doubt before purchasing the subscription with Norton, then these are the methods you can follow to connect with the agent of Norton.

Methods to connect with Norton

  • Phone Call- The customer service number of Norton is mentioned on the Contact us page on the official website.

    • Dial the customer service number, and you must follow the IVR instructions once you get connected.

    • Choose the issue or doubt you are facing with Norton and wait, after which the agent will connect with you.

    • Once the agent gets connected with you, explain to them your issue, and you'll get the best possible help.

  • Live Chat-  Users can also connect with the agent over live chat. The option of live chat is given Norton on the 'Contact Us' page.

    • Get onto Norton's 'Contact us' page and look for the 'Chat Now' option.

    • Click on the 'Chat Now' option and follow the auto-generated text to describe the nature of your issue.

    • The agent will connect with you over chat once the auto-generated message process is completed.

    • Connect with the agent over chat and get your issue resolved.

  • Email- You can also write an email to their official email address of Norton. The email address can also be found on Norton's 'Contact us' page.

You can get the Norton customer service phone number on the official page and for more details, browse through the contact us page.

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