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Does Virgin Atlantic Have a 24 Hour Cancellation Policy?

Suppose you have planned to travel abroad but suddenly discover you have to change your travel plans; the suitable way to get through would be if you know about the cancellation 24-hour policy. Because due to sudden plan change which comes in your travel way could be like bad weather, sudden death in the family or suffering from any major disease you got scheduled during your travel time. Therefore, in that case, you need to know about Virgin Atlantic 24 hour cancellation policies which are headed below for your reference and help, so you must look over it for once.

 Key perks in regards to 24-hour cancellation policy:

  • According to Virgin Atlantic 24 hour cancellation policy, if a passenger cancels a ticket within 24 hours of purchase, you will be eligible to get full refunds.
  • To know more about 24-hour cancellation policy;
    • Virgin Atlantic's cancellation should be initiated within 24 hours from the date of purchase. 
    • Additionally, the departure date should be seven or more days from the booking date.
    • Ahead of this, Virgin Atlantic 24 hour cancellation policy guideline state that it will apply only on the flights originating to and from US or Canada.
  • Further, under Virgin Atlantic 24 hour cancellation policy, travelers are allowed to make modifications is their itinerary for free.

Henceforth, suppose you are still left with any doubt regarding the 24-hour cancellation policy of Virgin Atlantic. In that case, you must use the Virgin Atlantic customer service numberthrough which you contact the representative with whom you will get assistance. In addition, you can take help with flight cancellation. 

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