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Guidance to reach TAP customer service?

Often passengers are going through many queries like COVID 19 Policies, is their legroom available in seats, cheap flights available or not, etc., and solving the passenger's queries, airlines provide customer service. If the passenger is traveling with TAP Portugal, they will get a refund on flight canceling, offers on off-season bookings, etc. If the passenger is going through any queries, they can quickly resolve them by contacting customer service. If any passenger wants detailed information about connecting to TAP air customer service, they need to read below. 


Steps to how can I reach TAP Portugal representatives are below mention. 


Via phone call: To connect with the representative on the phone call is always the quickest and easiest way to connect. To connect with the representative, you must visit the TAP air website and click the contact us section. After this, 


Press 1 to book the flight 


Press 3 to cancel the flight 


Press 5 to connect with customer service


You must select the option per the concern and connect with the representative. 


You will know the above steps: How do I reach TAP customer service? Still, if you face any issues while connecting on the phone or if you want to connect any other way, then you can also send the mail to the official customer support handle.

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