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How To Ask JetBlue For Refund & How Long Will It Take

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Refund is a basic consumer right; if you don’t utilize a service/product and wish to return it in the exact state of purchase, you are eligible to get your money back. It is simple and easy to follow. However, every service/product has a serviceable life, and if not returned in that duration, then it loses its value in the market. 


Same goes for airline tickets, so if you need to submit a JetBlue refund request, you have the following options. 


How can I get JetBlue to refund my money?


To maintain serviceability, JetBlue provides a complete refund of tickets if the passengers cancel the ticket within the risk-free cancellation period. If not, based on the ticket type, certain fees are charged. To get the refund, use the online refund form. 


  • Visit the JetBlue booking management system through the website/mobile app. 

  • Retrieve the ticket details you need the refund for, type in the booking confirmation code and your registered name. 

  • Once you summon the details, you will have the option to submit the JetBlue refund request form (if the ticket has already been canceled). To get access to this form, you need to first cancel the flight, or the flight services you don’t intend to use. 


Another method for the refund request submission is through the support center. However, remember that the airline will charge an additional $25 for this service. Whereas, the same service is free of cost when you do it through the website or the mobile app. 


How long do JetBlue refunds take?

The amount to be refunded depends on several factors, to narrow down the duration, one can note that:

  • The airline provides the refund instantly if you made the purchase using your credit card. 

  • The JetBlue refund takes 14 to 20 days for purchases made via cash or check refunds. 

  • If your ticket involves multiple segments, segments with codeshare flights, and compound payment, it can take 20 to 30 days. 


For further clarification, you can connect with a support executive via phone call, email, or online web/mobile chat. These services function 24/7. 

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