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How Do I Talk to Someone at Air Transat?

Air transat has been operating since 1986 with its services in the aviation industry towards 60 different destinations across 25 countries. If you are someone who has booked a flight with Air transat airline and have any queries, then you can contact Air Transat team in a hassle-free way. The customer support team of air transat is available throughout the day on various contact methods so you can reach any point for your concerns regarding the refund cancellation booking etc. In this post, you will learn about the step-by-step guide on how you can reach out to the customer support executive of air transat, so read it till the end. 


Customer support of air transat airline:

  • Connect via phone call:

Though there are different ways talk to a live person at Porter Airlines, reaching out with the help of a phone call can provide you with an instant resolution. Here is how you can follow the process of calling air transat:

  1. First and foremost, visit the official air transat website on your mobile phone or PC with the help of a default web browser.

  2. Scroll down on the displayed result on the home page of air tarnsat to find the 'contact us' option under the 'stay in touch' section. 

  3. You will arrive on a different window having various contact options. 

  4. Navigate the customer center calling number of air transat on the screen. 

  5. Once you get the number, dial it using your mobile phone. 

  6. Listen to the automated machine healing carefully and follow the appropriate IVR options as per your issue with the airline. 

  7. Press the desired key that can connect you with the live air transat representative. 

  8. Finally, once you are connected with the agent, then explain your query to get the proper resolution in no time. 


  • Connect via social media platforms

The air transat chat support team is very active and replies quickly to any issue. You can get the direct links to the official Facebook messenger and Twitter handles from the website of air transat. Gere is how you can get through:

  1. Browse the official air transat webpage on your laptop. 

  2. Please scroll till the end to find the contact us option under the drop-down menu of 'stay in touch.

  3. Once again, scroll on the following page till you find the 'chat with us' section.

  4. Here you can choose to connect via Facebook messenger or through Twitter. 

  5. As soon as you click on any of these direct links, the page will take you to the chosen social networking platform.

  6. Lastly, you can drop a direct message in detail regarding your query with the airline. 

  7. The concerned agent from or transat will reply soon in no time. 


The chat support executives are very active and well-informed, so you can connect with them effortlessly to get a better and instant response. Besides Twitter and Facebook messenger, the air transat team is also active on Instagram, youtube, Pinterest, TikTok, etc. You can drop a comment or feedback to get a response from the agent at air transat. 


  • Connect through apple business chat

This feature of air transat is only available for Apple users, so if you have an IOS device and need help regarding your booking, cancelation, a refund with air transat, then use this method to reach out. The direct link for the apple business chat support is given on the contact us page so you can get through in no time and start a conversation with the customer service executive. 


  • Connect via email

Passengers can get the official email address from the website of air transat and leave an email to get a response from the concerned person. This method to get through the customer's service team of air transat may take a while, so try reaching out via other options before going with this one. 


Final words:

Overall the above-highlighted information will clearly help you reach the customer service of air transat. Moreover, getting a hold of customer executives via Air Transat phone number is the most common and best way, but you can choose the method per your concern and convenience.


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