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How to Contact Porter Airlines for a Refund?

Contact Porter Airlines for a refund


Due to any unavoidable circumstances, a passenger wishes to cancel the flight ticket and wants a refund. A passenger can Contact Porter Airlines for a Refund of their flight ticket.

Porter has made certain refund policies for its passengers. It is a must for a passenger to read these refund policies of Porter Airlines. These policies are made in favor of the passengers after canceling a flight ticket. If you want to know about these policies, keep reading this article.


Refund policies of Porter Airlines


Porter Airlines gives facility to its passengers to cancel a Porter Airlines flight ticket and request a refund. The refund for a canceled flight ticket depends on when a passenger cancels the flight ticket. To know about a refund and its policies, then read the points given below:


  • When a passenger buys a refundable ticket, they are eligible for a refund from Porter Airlines, excluding government taxes.
  • Porter Airlines gives its passengers or customers twenty-four hours after booing the ticket to cancel it without any cancellation fee.
  • When a passenger cancels the ticket a week before the flight's departure date, airlines will charge some cancellation fees.
  • A passenger can cancel a refundable ticket before the flight's departure. And passengers will receive a full refund.
  • A passenger must fill out the refund form to get a refund for a Porter Airlines flight ticket.
  • When a flight ticket is canceled after the flight's departure, the passenger will not get any refund because airlines mark them as a "no show" at boarding.


How to contact Porter Airlines for a refund?


If you have canceled a reservation made with Porter Airlines, you can get a refund from Porter Airlines. There are many ways through which a passenger can contact Porter Airlines for a refund. Follow the steps and instructions given below to contact Porter Airlines.


Via phone call: the phone number of Porter Airlines is mentioned on the official website of the airlines. All you have to do is visit their website and go to the "contact us" page, dial the provided number, follow the IVR instructions, and get in touch with a customer service staff member from the airline and request a refund or know your refund status.


Via live chat: a passenger can contact the airlines for a refund through the live chat option. Where they can talk to a live person at Porter Airlines, the live chat box is on the website of Porter Airlines in the "contact us" section. After opening the live chat box, a passenger has to give the details of the booking ID and the passenger's last name, and if you have already applied for the refund, then give them the number of the refund request form. A customer care executive will revert to you and help you out.



Now you know all the refund policies of Porter Airlines and how to get in touch with Porter Airlines for a refund. You can also send mail or contact them through social media. The social media accounts and email ID of Porter Airlines are mentioned on their official website. A customer care executive will revert to you on your email ID and social media as early as possible.

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