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How can I fix my inactive Wave Wifi


On a warm weekend on Sunday, you are sitting under an air conditioner vibing with your friends and family. Enjoying your favorite movie and streaming through unlimited different shows by Wave Wifi. And suddenly, your entertainer box gets stopped. You might be figuring it out about the issue, but when you realize that your wifi router gets shut due to some technical issue, then at that time, you should know how to fix the Wifi? Here are some different approaches with the help of which you can fix your wave wifi.


Ways to fix your inactive Wave Wifi


Before applying any of the ways, try to plug the power cord again in your modem and wave the wifi router. Please ensure the cable is firmly connected to the cable jack and modem. You can also check whether the Ethernet cable is secure or not, connected between modem and router. After 30 seconds, switch on both your devices.


Different ways are as follows:


Firmware update


Sometimes your router needs an update regarding new security features. In that case, update your firmware where you get the option to download new firmware on its administration page and get directions from the wave Wifi support site.




interference can create disturbances through some created by devices like phones, Bluetooth devices, ovens, etc. You can use the wifi analyzer app or take the help of a heat mapper that will strengthen your network.


Switch channel 


You can change the different channels of your router. If you switch your frequency to 2.4 GHz, it helps you speed up your Wifi as it goes from ore crowded to a less crowded channel.


Put devices on a separate network.


You can put your family member' devices on a separate network following some rules and settings. You can set up routers on the 'Guest Network' option. Which keeps them separated, and a free connection will establish without any traffic.


Security checkup


Slowing down of your wifi router may be done to unauthorized external devices automatically connected to your router and creating traffic in between other connected devices. To overcome that, change the security setting and remove all the unauthorized elements. 




The most common factor lies in the location of your wave wifi router. You can keep your wifi router at the center of your home and at the same height from where any physical obstruction will not come in between router and device.


You may also avoid keeping your router near the reflective surface, or you can adjust your router's antennas.




These different approaches are the answer to the question. How do I fix if my wave wifi not working? If anyhow after all this you have any other issues you can contact to customer service executive.




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