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Some points for computers to recognize USB devices.


In this world of technology, many users are constantly dependent upon computers and other devices connected through them. Many users who use computers might face problems regarding computers not recognizing the USB devices through which they can get connected.


This problem is very common among users as it can be tackled very easily. You might have queries regarding How do I get my computer to recognize a USB deviceIf you want to know the procedure of fixing the error in your computer, Follow the points that are mentioned below:


  • Check if the USB is recognized on another device.


If you are finding any issue in connecting the USB to your computer or the computer does not recognize it, then you can go through the ways mentioned below:


  • If users cannot connect the USB devices to their computer, then there are chances that they may be corrupted.

  • You can connect the devices to another computer or laptop in such a case.

  • If it gets connected with other devices, there is a problem with the computer you are using and trying to connect with the USB devices.


  • By running Troubleshoot:


You can try the troubleshooting method to fix the problem you are facing, and for that, go through the ways mentioned below:


  • On your computer, click on the Start menu and search for Control Panel.

  • Now, search for the troubleshooter, and after finding out, click on the troubleshooting option.

  • On the new tab, you will find many options from which you need to select the Hardware and Sound option and click on the Configure a Device.

  • After that, you need to follow the instructions given on the page, and at last, if the user finds any problems, they need to click on the Apply this Fix button.

  • Through Disabling the USB:


Now to disable the USB selective suspend setting, you need to follow the steps as given down:


  • First click on the Start button, type down the power plan in the Search box, and then tap on the Choose a power plan option.

  • Next to the currently selected plan on the computer, you must select the Change Plan Settings. Now you have to choose the Change advanced power settings from the tap.

  • On the new page, select the box to expand USB settings and then click on the USB selective suspend settings option given on the page.

  • Now you have to click on the drop-down menu next to the Plugged in option and then choose the Disable tab. 


If there is any major problem that cannot be fixed manually, you can contact the IT expert to fix the problems you face. 




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