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Does Turkish Airlines provide a refund if I cancel my flight?

The refund policy of Turkish Airlines allows its passengers to claim a refund if they qualify the criteria as decided by the airline. So, if you face any inconsistency in your travel plans, you must take action as soon as possible.

A traveler must know the refund policy and stop wondering about will Turkish Airlines refund cancelled flights? This article can efficiently guide you about the existing refund terms and conditions imposed by Turkish Airlines.


The Refund Guidelines of Turkish Airlines

Many airlines put forth strict refund policies that make it harder for travelers to claim one. But, this is not the case with Turkish Airlines, as the airline understands the possibilities for why you might be canceling the flight. Keep in mind the mentioned refund protocols-

  • When you book a round trip with Turkish Airlines, you are allowed to cancel the whole itinerary and claim a refund.

  • If you cancel the reservation due to flight disruption, the airline settles you in the next possible flight; however, you can deny the adjustment and claim a full refund.

  • The airline provides refunds to only those travelers who booked their flight using Turkish Airlines' official website, call center, or sales office.

  • The amount you are eligible to obtain depends on the chosen fare type, route of your flight, and several other external factors.

For the travelers who are stumped with the thought of will Turkish Airlines refund cancelled flights? The answer is a yes; you can get a full or partial refund on your canceled reservation. Contact Turkish Airlines travel consolidators if you face any difficulty with the refund.  


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