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How do I speak to a person at Facebook?

Facebook is a forum on which end numbers of customers can put their query pictures, comments and one can promote their business as well. While using its services, at times it does get interrupted in order to avail its services. You have to speak to a person on Facebook  to get connected through them. 


If one is interested in speaking to someone on Facebook there are several ways one can easily get in touch with them.


Through Call .


 By simply making a call at facebook one can easily reach up to facebook customer service agents and one can put their grievances or query forward and get the assistance one needs .Its customer service provides will do get an assistance and one can easily vanish the issues one is facing while using the services of the facebook . Steps through which one can easily get connected through facebook representatives by simply following an IVR option .


Press 1 - To know about account queries .

Press 2 - for payment related issues .

Press 3 - To submit a complaint .

Press 9 - To speak to a live representative .


Through Chat .


Chatting is the promt way to get connected through a live person at facebook . One can simply put forward their query and get the assistance one requires. Steps through which one can easily get in touch with live chat representatives . 


  • Firstly , one has to login to an official account .

  • Scroll down and locate the click on ‘Help centre ‘.

  • Do look for an option which says contact us and click on it .

  • Wherein , you can find an option which says live chat representatives .

  • You can easily put your query forward and get the assistance one requires in order to avail the services of Facebook .

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