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How do I cancel Air Canada Reservation


Is it possible to cancel an Air Canada reservation?


Air Canada provides easy cancelation formalities for travelers to comply with. So if your travel plans are facing some changes, you can cancel your itinerary with Air Canada for free. But, if you do not follow the cancelation guidelines put forth by Air Canada, you might have to pay some charges against the flight cancelation.

The Air Canada cancellation policy is introduced to benefit travelers who face significant changes in their trip with Air Canada. Also, coming ahead is a trail to follow if you want to cancel your Air Canada ticket.

Air Canada cancelation parameters


Take a look at the given parameters set by Air Canada if you want to cancel your itinerary-


  • As per the cancelation policy of Air Canada, you can cancel the flight due to the COVID-19 restrictions for free.

  • If you booked the reservation on or before May 31, 2021, and cancel the reservation due to COVID, you can cancel it without paying any penalty or cancelation charges.

  • If you cancel any reservation within 24 hours of the initial booking, you do not have to pay any charges.

  • For travelers who booked Air Canada’s Basic Economy, you can cancel it after the standard 24 hours rule but pay some applicable charges for the same.

  • However, if you or the airline cancels the reservation due to government orders, you are entitled to a full refund.

  • When you cancel a Standard, Flex, Non-Flex Business, or Premium Economy Fare from Air Canada, you need to pay around $200 cancelation fees.

Keep the Air Canada cancellation policy in mind before making any cancelation to your Air Canada reservation. If you comply with the cancelation policy, you can proceed further and cancel your itinerary by taking help from the upcoming section!


Methods of canceling an Air Canada ticket


To cancel your reservation, you need to follow the given steps-


  • Launch the official website of Air Canada and navigate the My Bookings section on the homepage.

  • Insert the Booking Reference Number and Passenger’s Last Name in the blank field; click on the Find button to retrieve your booking.

  • Once you get your reservation, click on the Cancel Booking link.

  • Comply with the instructions constructively and agree to the airline's cancelation guidelines.

  • After you complete the formalities and pay the cancelation charges, if any, the airline sends you the cancelation confirmation invoice at your email address.


So, make sure that your ticket suffices the Air Canada cancellation policy and then proceed to cancel your reservation. Also, if you face any trouble understanding the cancelation policy, consider talking to the airline’s customer service team.


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