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How do I report desktop error of Quickbooks to live person?

How to report Quickbooks desktop error to representative?


QuickBooks is a famous emailing platform, and you can easily send or receive emails to anyone. Sometimes you face an error in the QuickBooks desktop account, which you have set up earlier. You can reach the QuickBooks customer support team and take their help. Following are the steps to reach the support team anytime:


·       You need to open the QuickBooks desktop account and go to the help section available at the top of the screen.

·       You need to open the desktop help menu and enter the issue in the search box.

·       After that, you will see the option of contact us; click on that and get the ways to reach the customer support team, like the chat or call option.


Methods to reach to a live person at Quickbooks:


1)    Call option:


Apart from report a problem, you can choose the call option to talk to a live person at QuickBooks in the following way:


  • You need to select the talk with us option from the list and get the perfect number to reach the support executive. 
  • Once you dial the number, you need to follow the automated voice attempts and wait for few minutes
  • Your call will connect to the representative and ask them to fix the error of your desktop account.

2)    Chat us option:


  • You need to choose the chat option on the contact page, and a chat box will open on the right side of the page. 
  • You need to enter your issue and send it to the live person, and they will provide you with immediate help.
  • The live chat option is 24 hours available for help and support.

With the above information, you will get to know about the information to solve your issue of desktop error. You can easily talk to a live person at QuickBooks in the above simple steps. 

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