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AC Repair in Bengalore


Different AC problems and causes

As we know that Bengaluru has dry summers. The temperature in summers is getting dryer day by day

Causes :

1.            Advanced automobiles- the world is entering into technology and these new technologies are used in automobiles that lead to problems in cities like Bengaluru.

2.            Trees cutdowns- Bengaluru comes under the urban city and every urban city got developed by the government nu cutting down the trees

3.            Water shortage- water is the need for every human being but the excess use of water leads to a change in the temperature of Bengaluru.

That’s why in summers using AIR COOLERS in our homes or outside of our homes can damage the electronics machine due to the dryness in summers.

The best electronic device for the dry summer is AC. We know AC gives cool, fresh, and soothing air. AC is a machine, not humans and every machine asks for regular maintenance. If the hot air blowing outside you need to fix it immediately by some experienced and professionals. While you can fix some small issues by yourself but for major problems, you will need a professional to fix them as soon as possible. that’s why we THE PRISM LEAD INDIA are here to help and serve you better in these problems. It offers safe AC repair and servicing in Bengaluru to save from untimely fix breakdown of AC. We understand you and respect your time value and schedule that’s why we provide less time-consuming AC repair services with trusted expert technicians and professionals who have a wide range of knowledge and years of expertise. you don’t have to invest your useful time in searching for the best professionals.

 Below these are some normal problems that we face in air conditioners :

1.            The room is not getting cooling by AC- After the ac temperature is on 24c room is hot then usually these problems occur like air is not blowing easily, air filters may be blocked so to overcome from problems our professional is there who will fix it out.

2.            Leaking of AC- The drain pipes get blocked and water is not able to get flows out from the AC. The water is mainly blocked by small insects, dust, etc that’s why to prevent from the problems who should clean your AC on a  regular basis.

3.            Unpleasant sound by AC- Sometimes the AC sounds buzz which disturbs the environment. It happens because compressor does not have any gas or refrigerants. For solving problems you need experts professionals.

4.            Smells foul- When ac is running then we sometimes notice that it smells unacceptable because of waterlogging in drainage area.

5.            Thermostat problems- The problems start when your air conditioner is not talking the correct information due to the incorrect setup of the program in the ac machine.


1.            Experts technicians and professionals- Here you will find the right candidate for these fields who have experience and depth knowledge. Only specialists who have 15 experience in this field train them.

2.            Good quality & Fixed price of authentic parts- Our professionals use the best quality of repairing materials at a low cost.

3.            Quick service- When you book the AC repair services from THE PRISM LEAD INDIA within 1 hour. our professional will be at your doorsteps.

4.            Service guarantee- After booking of AC REPAIR SERVICES from THE PRISM LEAD INDIA. we provide you a 60 days guarantee and will return the defective items with no extra cost.


1.            AC washing- It includes completely washing of interior parts of AC like washing of filters and coils with water.

2.            Repair work- Booking of ac repair services from THE PRISM LEAD INDIA. our professionals will reach out to your doorstep and if after inspection the professionals find that there is no issue with AC then we will refund your money.

3.            Gas recharging- Our technicians first use nitrogen gas to check the gas amount. We don’t ask you to pay for the gas fillings but you have to pay for the use of other additional materials by our technicians.




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