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How do i contact Hotmail Customer Service Right Now


Connect with Hotmail customer service


Hotmail is one of the most used webmail services It helps to send and receive emails in no time. But sometimes, customers often stuck with the Hotmail services or technical glitches; therefore, customers can get in touch with the Hotmail support team with the following modes.


Speak to a live person:


  • Open your browser and go to the Hotmail official page.

  • Now move towards the contact section and click on the call option.

  • You will see the phone number, dial the toll-free number, listen to the automated voice, and press the button accordingly.

  • Press 1 for language.

  • Press 2 for general queries.

  • Press 3 to purchase the subscription of Hotmail.

  • Press 4 for account-related issues.

  • Press 5 to speak with the customer support representative and solve your different issues.


Online chat service:


If your problem is not solved through a call, you can start a chat with a live person. For that, you need to open the Hotmail contact section and go to the chat with us option. Now communicate with a live person via chat box and receive assistance immediately.


Get assistance through email:


You can compose an email in detail explaining your issues and send it to the Hotmail official email address. After going to your email request, the customer representative will call you back and solve your problem of how can i speak to someone about my hotmail account as they provide you complete assistance to any of the issues. You can take the official email address from the Hotmail contact section.




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