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Will there is any effect of Gravity on fire ?


how can you think about gravity effect on fire. fire is independent of Gravity or, gravity has some effect on Fire.

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  • asked 2 years ago
  • Nitish kumar



Absolutely. Flame is superheated gases, which rise because they're less dense than the air surrounding them. It's gravity pulling the cooler air down around them.

If you don't have gravity, flame burns in a perfect sphere. But it also burns out quickly, because the lack of convection means that new oxygen isn't being brought to the heat source.

NASA even did the experiment on the space shuttle in 1997.

  • answered 2 years ago
  • Sandy Hook


Wikipedia tells us that this is because: “In microgravity or zero gravity environment, such as on a circular orbit , convection no longer occurs and the flame becomes spherical, with a tendency to become bluer and more efficient.”

Space Fire — RecluslandFeb 5, 2009 ... To me, the one under the sway of gravity is standing upright, ... movement through time) is taken away, we can see the negative effect of gravity. ..... And actually, is there any way of having “free will” if that “free ...
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  • answered 2 years ago
  • Sandy Hook

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