How to Install Pear on Windows using WAMP


Hi I want to  Install Pear on Windows using WAMP my system cunfigure is windows XP and WAMP  2.6

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  • asked 4 years ago
  • G John



It's not installed per default on all setups.

But you can download the plain go-pear script for that:
Either invoke it with php.exe go-pear or run it through your webserver as regular .php script. (It has a nice installation GUI!)

  • answered 3 years ago
  • Gul Hafiz


you could also just go to the pear site, download the zips and unzip them in the correct local folders (wamp/bin/php)

we've just solved a similar problem like this, where a copy of a live site set up on a local machine was hitting errors because PEAR was not installed. The installation process was hitting errors so we just downloaded and unzipped PEAR and the required modules directly into the correct directory.

problem solved.

  • answered 3 years ago
  • G John

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